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Building the Tech Leaders of the Future

Abstract Background

Welcome to Aura Capital Partners, where deep insights meet strategic partnerships. Our ethos is rooted in a profound commitment to truly understanding your business, your unique technologies and their context, ensuring that every piece of advice we offer is tailored to your unique landscape.

We invest heavily in understanding our clients’ businesses and in developing close relationships with them, becoming trusted advisors to help them navigate through complexity, strategic uncertainty and competition.

We are happy to discuss your plans at any stage and are willing to commit both resources and equity to selected projects. Whether your business plans are nascent or advanced we will be delighted to explore how we can assist you in moving them forward.

Strategic Consulting
At the heart of every successful business lies a robust strategy, meticulously crafted and expertly executed. Our strategic consulting activities are dedicated to guiding your business through the complexities of today's dynamic corporate landscape. We specialize in delivering bespoke solutions that encompass business planning, strategic formulation, and transformative change management. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs and ambitions of each client, ensuring that your organization not only adapts to change but thrives in it.

  • Business planning, strategies, and strategy formulation

  • Business transformation and change management

  • Business analysis, management, and organization

  • Market and business analysis and research

  • Strategic and financial consulting for M&A, restructuring, and divestment

Capital Sourcing
Discover a comprehensive capital sourcing solution at Aura Capital Partners. In the ever-evolving landscape of business finance, securing the right funding is a critical step towards achieving your company's goals. Our capital sourcing activities are dedicated to unlocking financial opportunities for your business, specializing in venture capital financing and private equity investment sourcing for private companies. With a keen focus on innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, we connect ambitious businesses with the capital they need to flourish.
  • Venture capital financing / private equity investment sourcing services for private companies 

  • Road show management services

  • Diligence support and analysis

  • Data room set-up and management

  • Transaction negotiation support

  • Capital sourcing services for public offerings

  • Fund management support services

  • Advisory services to venture capital firms

Elevate your brand with Aura Capital Partners' communications and branding Services. In today's fast-paced digital world, a strong brand and effective communication are the cornerstones of business success. Aura Capital Partners offers comprehensive branding services, including development, management, and marketing, tailored to elevate your brand's presence and resonance in the market. We understand that a brand is more than just a logo or a tagline; it's a narrative that connects your business with its audience.
  • Branding services, including development, management, and marketing

  • Corporate image consulting services

  • Designing, developing, and updating websites

  • Public relations and investor relationship management services

  • Social media strategy and marketing consultancy services

  •  Social media content & blog creation

  • CSR & ESG strategy and content

Business Development & Licensing
Empowering Growth with Aura Capital Partners' Business Development & Licensing Services. At the core of every thriving business is a strategic approach to development and expansion. Aura Capital Partners is at the forefront of facilitating this growth, offering specialized business development consulting services. Our approach is tailored to identify and leverage opportunities that align with your business goals, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
  • Business development consulting services

  • Out- or In-licensing support services 

  • Sales consulting, including sales methods, management, and improvement

  • Partnering services in generating and closing business leads and deals

Marketing & Advertising
digital-campaign (1).png
Unleash the power of creative marketing and advertising with Aura Capital Partners. In a world where standing out is key to success, our Marketing & Advertising services are designed to elevate your brand's voice and presence.
At Aura Capital Partners, we blend creativity with strategy to offer comprehensive advertising consultation and design services. Our team excels in crafting advertising materials that not only capture attention but also encapsulate your brand's essence and message.
  • Advertising consultation and design of advertising materials

  • Internet-based advertising

  • Marketing consulting and promotion services

  • Preparation and realization of media and advertising plans

  • Production audiovisual presentations, conference booths and other installations

Corporate Services
In the complex world of corporate management, the right support can make all the difference. Our corporate services are designed to provide your business with the essential tools and expertise needed for seamless operation and strategic growth. From crafting compelling corporate presentations and marketing materials to developing thorough reports, annual reports, white papers, and investor presentations, our team ensures that every aspect of your corporate communication is clear, professional, and aligned with your business objectives. We understand the power of effective communication in shaping your company's image and stakeholder relationships.
  • Assistance with preparing corporate presentations and marketing material

  • Preparing reports, annual reports, white papers, and investor presentations

  • Assistance with senior level search and recruitment 

  • Employee option plan structuring & design

  • Exit negotiation

Financial Analysis
The foundation of sound decision-making lies in robust financial analysis and planning. We specialize in constructing comprehensive business and financial plans that serve as a roadmap for your company's growth and success. Investors, lenders, shareholders and boards demand sound and detailed financial plans -- we focus on delivering documents that meet these high standards, providing the clarity and depth of information required for informed decision-making and strategic direction.
  • Business and financial plan construction

  • Financial analysis and consultation

  • Support for equity and debt raising activities

Innovation & Technology Consulting
In a world driven by rapid technological change and innovation, the ability to not only adapt but also lead is essential for business success. Our innovation & technology services are at the forefront of this paradigm, offering strategic guidance in new product and service development. We specialize in future visioning, to ensure that your business is not just responding to the changes but is also a step ahead, driving innovation.​​
  • New product & service strategy

  • Future visioning

  • TTO negotiation & IP In-/Out-licensing

  • Competitive and deal comparables analysis

  • Technology consulting

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