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Capital Sourcing   |   Fundraising

Successful sourcing, process management and closing


We assist investment funds and businesses with the challenging task of sourcing capital from international equity investors and lenders.


Competition for capital is fierce and with hundreds of opportunities on the road seeking the limited attention of investors, teams need to make the very best impression they can. 

At Aura Capital Partners we focus on assisting our clients with a rigorous fundraising process and high-quality communications, backed by decades of experience.


First, selecting and targeting only sources of capital that are likely to be interested in the opportunity, is critical to make the most of management bandwidth. We assist our clients with an extensive database of funds, many of whom we have been in contact with before. 


We also assist clients with the full set of materials required to showcase your business or opportunity to investors, to ensure that as far as possible, all of their potential questions are addressed.


  • Assistance with public and private offerings
  • Creation and review of pitch books
  • Creation and review of PPMs & presentations
  • Supporting materials and multimedia
  • Dataroom creation and organisation
  • Process expertise and roadshow management
  • Ongoing investor relations 
  • Extensive venture and private equity contacts


Please contact us to find out more about our considerable expertise across all stages of the capital-raising process for businesses and funds.


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