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Business Development

Building the heart of successful businesses


Outstanding business development is at the heart of every successful firm. Building relationships with customers, suppliers and partners is essential to secure long term sales growth, effective supply chains and maintain a focus on core value-adding business activities.


The connection of our globe by high-speed communications means that international business development is increasingly practical for smaller companies to seek global relationships.


Aura provides assistance to both start-ups and more mature organisations with all aspects of business development to enhance the generation of appropriately qualified leads and their conversion to high-quality business relationships.

  • Business development
  • Sales process review and development
  • Generating and closing business leads
  • Partnering acceleration
  • Venture start-up and new business unit creation
  • M&A, restructuring and divestment advisory
  • International perspective
  • Leverage our substantial contact network


For more information please contact us.


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