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Business Development

Building the heart of successful businesses


At Aura Capital Partners, we believe that the heart of successful businesses lies in their ability to continuously evolve and grow. Our Business Development services are the cornerstone of this philosophy. We are dedicated to nurturing and expanding the core capabilities of your business, ensuring it not only adapts to the changing market landscape but thrives within it. Through our expert consulting, innovative licensing support, and comprehensive sales strategies, we focus on building robust foundations and fostering dynamic growth.


Outstanding business development is at the heart of every successful firm. Building relationships with customers, suppliers and partners is essential to secure long term sales growth, effective supply chains and maintain a focus on core value-adding business activities.


The connection of our globe by high-speed communications means that international business development is increasingly practical for smaller companies to seek global relationships.


Aura provides assistance to both start-ups and more mature organisations with all aspects of business development to enhance the generation of appropriately qualified leads and their conversion to high-quality business relationships.

  • Business development
  • Sales process review and development
  • Generating and closing business leads
  • Partnering acceleration
  • Venture start-up and new business unit creation
  • M&A, restructuring and divestment advisory
  • Out- or In-licensing support services 
  • International perspective
  • Leverage our substantial contact network



Understanding the nuances of licensing, we provide expert out- or in-licensing support services, helping you navigate the complexities of intellectual property and commercial agreements. Our services are designed to maximize the value of your assets and ensure alignment with your overall business strategy. At Aura Capital Partners, we recognize that the heart of successful businesses in the high technology sector is deeply rooted in strategic licensing.


Our business development services are tailored to navigate the intricate landscape of IP and pharmaceutical licensing, ensuring your innovations reach their full market potential. We specialize in both out-licensing and in-licensing, managing the complexities of intellectual property rights, and forging partnerships that maximize the value of your assets. Our approach goes beyond mere transactions; we aim to create sustainable growth pathways for your business, ensuring that each licensing agreement is a stepping stone towards greater success and market leadership.



The art of deal-making is at the heart of business development, and our partnering services are crafted to excel in this art. We specialize in generating and closing business leads and deals, ensuring each partnership and transaction aligns with your strategic objectives. Our goal is to not just create connections but to foster meaningful, long-term partnerships that drive mutual success.

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